The 22nd Youth Music and Art Festival – Kunigunda – Is Held in Velenje

On Saturday, 24 August 2019, the traditional 22nd youth music and art festival Kunigunda was held on the central square of Velenje – Titov trg.

The event is named after the heroine of the local legend – the sorceress Kunigunda, who knew how to predict events and had the gift of healing. The aim of the festival is to popularize an alternative non-profit culture of youth, which sometimes goes beyond the generally accepted framework and opens up new horizons for creativity.

The festival is sponsored by the Velenje Municipality and the Velenje Youth Centre. According to the Head of the Velenje Youth Centre Marko Pritržnik, the festival is organised exclusively by the efforts of local volunteers.

According to the organizers, such an event is a chance for young people to express themselves creatively and unconventionally, to show their knowledge, skills and abilities that will be useful to them in the future.