The 2ТМ Company at the Neva-2017 Exhibition

The 14th International Maritime Exhibition and Conferences of Russia NEVA-2017 is held in St. Petersburg. It will take place from 19 to 22 September in the Expoforum Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The experts of the Slovenian educational company 2ТМ will visit the official opening ceremony to meet the key companies of the city and the country. According to the organizers, more than 595 companies participate in the exhibition.

Neva-2017 offers excellent resources to demonstrate and promote business solutions for the development of shipbuilding, the production of ship equipment and systems for the Innovative Shipbuilding, Technologies for Ocean Resources Development and Digital Navigation segments.

The event will also touch upon the issues of investment activity in the waterborne transportation sector in Russia. What are the core problems of the shipbuilding and maritime traffic industries? What measures of state support are the most effective today?

The 2TM Company offers the guest of the exhibition a number of training programmes that will allow shipbuilding enterprises to improve the qualification of employees in the field of instrument making, transport logistics, electrical engineering, etc.