The 2TM Company Congratulates on the Day of Spring and Labour!

The May Day (Holiday of Labour, Labour Day, Spring and Labour Day, International Workers’ Solidarity Day) is celebrated today in 142 countries. Currently, in the majority of countries, this holiday is known as the Spring and Labour Day.

Interestingly, in Slovenia, which retained the spirit of the old Europe, along with the proletarian attributes of the holiday, it echoes the folk culture — the onset of the Walpurgis Night and the custom of May Tree decoration. The May tree is a wooden pillar without bark, with a wheel fixed at the top with green branches, flowers and bright ribbons. According to pagan beliefs, the May tree symbolizes the world axis, around which the universe rotates.

The 2TM team congratulates everyone on the Spring and Labour Day! We wish you good health, professional achievements, prosperity and success!