The 2TM Presentation at the Moscow Career Guidance Day Gathers a Full House

One of the major Russian career guidance forums was held on 14 October. Each time the forum hosts a large audience of enthusiastic people who are interested in planning their future and growing in their chosen profession. Within the framework of the event, the 2TM Company held a presentation “Study in Slovenia” for schoolchildren and school leavers.

Our booth was located in the Foreign Education zone. Here, it went down well with those who originally planned their studies in European countries and those who are still considering various options. The idea of ​​studying in Slovenia, a beautiful and interesting country, caught the interest of future entrants and their parents with its novelty and price criterion. The hall was packed with people. After the presentation, which gathered at least 50 people, the questions were mostly asked about the Bachelor’s degree programmes. Students of senior courses from the Russian universities were interested in Master’s degree programmes.

There was a targeted audience at the Moscow Career Guidance Day. Many people already had an idea of what they wanted to do. Young people asked the 2TM representatives clear and specific questions about the cost of educational programmes, living in a dormitory, and various household issues. Besides, many visitors were interested to learn about student bonuses and work during their studies. Employees of 2TM were able to respond in detail to everyone and assisted in determining what to pay attention to when choosing study programmes in Europe.

Passionate young specialists and school graduates, who are interested in their future, understand that studying in Slovenia’s universities is not only competitive, but also it is often even more profitable than studying on the same programme in the top Russian educational institutions.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact our experts.