The 33rd National Competition in Logic: Results

About 31,000 people took part in the 33rd National Competition in Logic organized by the Association for Technical Culture of Slovenia (Zveza za tehnično kulturo Slovenije, ZOTKS). The Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of Ljubljana hosted the competition with participation of secondary school pupils and students held on Saturday, 10 November 2018.

The competition, held in 22 main schools of the country, was attended by 1,848 students, who received 236 silver and 121 gold medals. Aleksander Kosanović from the Rodica Basic School (Gorenjska region) is among the absolute winners of the competition.

At the secondary school level, 548 pupils participated in the competition, who won 188 silver and 105 gold medals. One of the absolute winners is Tevž Lotrič from the Kranj Gymnasium. In total, 195 mentors were engaged in training of schoolchildren for the competition.

It should be added that in the student section of the competition, 26 silver and 13 gold medals were awarded.