The 36th Franja BTC City Cycling Marathon in Slovenia

On 9–11 June, Slovenia will host the 36th Franja BTC City Cycling Marathon attended by more than 8,000 athletes. The Cycling Marathon has been held since 1982 and is traditionally considered one of the world’s largest cycling events.

This year, organisers expect a record number of participants (the number of potential attendants has already almost reached 8,000 people). This year, Tone Fornezzi, one of the founding fathers of this event, will solemnly start the marathon riding a pony.

For the second year in a row, the race for 21.2 km along the Ljubljana-Domžale route will open the Cycling Marathon. The race will have the status of Slovenia’s Championship in Cycling. On Saturday, a marathon for schoolchildren and a family marathon (25 km) will be held as part of the event. Besides, there will be also organised a mini marathon for the youngest participants (1.5 km). The highlight of the current Marathon programme will be the race-relay of pony teams along the American Avenue in the BTC City shopping and entertainment centre. For Sunday, the organisers have scheduled a giant (156 km) and a small (97 km) cycling marathons.

The cycling marathon first took place on 22 July 1982 and involved about 700 participating athletes. Its organiser was the late Zvone Zanoškar—a colleague of Tone Fornezzi. The Association of Cycling “Kolesarsko društvo Rog”, the BTC Company, the Municipality of Ljubljana and other patrons usually supports the competition. “I want to thank all 1,800 people engaged in conducting the cycling marathon, as well as the experienced team of organizers headed by Gorazd Penko,” Jože Mermal, the BTC Board Chairman, noted. For many years, she has been providing the information and financial support to the cycling marathon.