The Alley of the Founding Fathers of Astronautics to Be Opened in Vitanje by the End of 2018

Russian Ambassador to Slovenia, Doku Zavgajev, together with the Minister of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, Dejan Prešiček, visited the municipality of Vitanje on 26 October 2018. The Cultural and Economic Centre of European Space Technologies (CECEST) is located in the territory of the Vitanje municipality.

The extended meeting held in the city mayor’s office with the participation of the country’s Minister of Culture, Dejan Prešiček, the Mayor of the city, Mirko Polutnik, the representative of the Russian Centre for Science and Culture in Ljubljana (RCSC), A. A. Yudintsev, the Director of CECEST, Dominik Kobold, members of the Slovenian Government, and the Russian sculptor N. Mashukov currently living in Slovenia, addressed the development prospects of the Centre, the implementation of joint projects on its basis, and the continuation of the tradition of holding international scientific and practical conferences.

Particular attention was paid to the initiative of the Embassy to establish the Alley of the Founding Fathers of Astronautics in the territory of the Centre. This idea was supported by all participants. In particular, the parties agreed upon the deadline for the installation of the first two busts later this year. The first busts will be dedicated to the founder of theoretical cosmonautics, the Russian and Soviet scientist – K. E. Tsiolkovsky, and the Austro-Hungarian rocket engineer of Slovenian origin, one of the pioneers of cosmonautics – Herman Potočnik Noordung. The Ambassador Doku Zavgajev, together with the Minister of Culture Dejan Prešiček and the Mayor of the municipality Mirko Polutnik, visited CECEST and determined the future place for the installation of busts to K. E. Tsiolkovsky and Herman Potočnik Noordung.

It is planned to invite ministers, high representatives of relevant ministries and departments of Russia and Slovenia, Roscosmos, the European Space Agency, astronauts from a number of countries, experts in the space and other high technologies to the official ceremony of busts opening.