The Alps Adria Tourist Trail Brings Slovenia One Million Euros in Revenue in 2016

In 2016, 14,000 people (4,000 in Slovenia) overcame the famous Alps Adria Tourist Trail passing through the territory of Austria, Slovenia and Italy. Last year, it brought Slovenia 1 million euros in revenue.

Alpe Adria Trail

The fifth official opening ceremony of the Alps Adria Trail (AAT) took place last Saturday in the Municipality of Bovec. The route covers many interesting places — from the mountainous slopes of Grossglockner (the Austria’s highest mountain, 3,798 m) to the Adriatic Sea. For the first time, the route was opened about 4 years ago on the initiative of the Austrian tourist operator of the Carinthia region.

“Last year, National Geographic Travel named the Alps Adria Trail the most exciting of all similar tourist hiking events,” the Head of the Bovec tour operator Janko Humar says with satisfaction.

Alpe Adria Trail

The Alps Adria Trail consists of 43 stages with a total length of 750 kilometres and passes through the territory of Austrian Carinthia, Slovenia and Friuli (northeast of Italy) — the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region. It begins at Mount Grossglockner (Veliki Klek) and covers the territories of the Kranjska Gora, Soča River Valley, Gorizia Hills and Kras, and ends at the Adriatic coast.

The opening ceremony of the trail took place at a reduced distance of the 24th stage between the village of Soča and Bovec. In total, 220 people, one third of whom represented Austria, attended the ceremony. Most of the tourists were represented by German-speaking countries, says the AAT manager-administrator in Austrian Carinthia Roland Oberdorfer. “The average age of participants is from 30 to 50 years. The walking part takes an average of 5 days. Individual participants overcome the whole route for a month or 5 weeks.”