The American Magazine MovieMaker Announces the Grossman Fantastic Film and Wine Festival Among the World’s 30 Best Genre Festivals

The independent cinema publication MovieMaker (USA) has included the International Grossman Fantastic Film and Wine Festival in Ljutomer into the list of the world’s 30 best genre festivals. Thus, the Ljutomer Festival has found itself among the largest film festivals, such as Fantasia (Canada), Fantastic Fest (Austin, Texas, USA), Midnight Madness (Toronto, Canada), Sitges (Spain), and Frightfest (London).

The Grossman Fantastic Film and Wine Festival is held annually in summer (usually in July). It was established in 2005 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of cinema in Slovenia and was named after one of the cinematography pioneers in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Karol Grossman, who lived in Ljutomer. This is the first international festival in Slovenia, which is dedicated to genre cinema, and one of the largest and most popular cultural events in the country. The unusual combination of fantastic films and wine is due to the fact that Ljutomer, where the Festival is held, is located in the heart of the Prlekija winemaking region famous for its first-class wines.

Although the main focus of the festival is on fantasy and horror films, viewers can also watch films from other genres, mostly non-traditional. In addition to film screenings, the programme includes wine tastings, live concerts, exhibitions, book presentations and other themed events.

The film festival is competitive. In addition to the awards for the best feature film, the best fiction short-length film and the best documentary, one of the films receives the Melies D’argent award, which automatically makes it a contender for the Melies d’Or Prize for the best European fantastic short-length film, which is presented by the European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation.

The event traditionally ends with a “zombie parade” in the central square of the city, after which the closing ceremony takes place with the presentation of awards and the announcement of the champion among winemakers.

It should be added that this year, 29 full-length films, 10 documentaries and 53 short-length films from 29 countries were presented at the Grossman Fantastic Film and Wine Festival.

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