The Athlete Celja Basketball Team Became the Country Champion

It celebrated the 3:0 victory in a match with the Triglav team from Kranj.

Celje — The basketball players from Athlete Celja became champions of Slovenia for the fifth time in a row and for the twelfth time in general. They confidently won the final match of the season against Kranj Triglava with the score of 3:0 by periods. The final score of the perfectly conducted home match — 79:59.

Ivana Dojkich from Athlete Celja became the best player of the final. Her teammate Larisa Ocvirk got the title of the most courageous athlete. The Triglava team leader Zhiva Zdolshek was rewarded as the best basketball player of the season.

Although the third game of the final series was characterized by the most persistent struggle, the Celje basketball players held the initiative throughout the entire match. They took the lead in the first quarter of the match and guaranteed the final success in the second quarter. After mutual personal mistake of Maja Jakobchich and Ivana Dojkich, the latter, due to her disagreement with the referee, got another technical mistake, which even more mobilized her teammates.

After the young Croat went to the bench, her partners brought the period score to 12:0, and then strengthened the advantage to 33:17, and further firmly held thread of the game in their hands. Their competitors from Triglava demonstrated tenacious defence and excellent attacks, which helped them to reduce the score gap to 59:51. However, they simply did not have enough strength for anything more.

In the Celje team, Anna-Marija Preselj scored 17 points. The team leader Tina Jakovina brought 12 points with 10 offensive rebounds. Her rivals from Triglava got 17 points and 10 rebounds thanks to Maja Jakobchich.

I could not even imagine that the final series would finish this way. This suggests that the girls endured psychological pressure and behaved maturely in the current tournament situation. We all predicted that perhaps we would have to play five matches. However, we end up really dominating in the final, for what the girls deserve huge congratulations. I would also like to congratulate my assistants and the administration of the club, which is trying to ensure our success from season to season, proving that we can raise good basketball players and provide them with ample opportunities for self-development. I hope the whole Slovenian basketball is progressing in this way,” the team’s coach Damir Grgic commented on its new title.

Our team did not expect to complete the final by three games with such results. Indeed, we showed the best we could, and that game really differed from the one we had demonstrated before the final. I am very pleased that in the locker room, there was a really great atmosphere, and that we complied with all the instructions given to us by our coach Damir Grgic. Hearty congratulations to my teammates, we have completed the season perfectly,” Ivana Dojkich gave generous praise. She was one of those players, due to whom the Kranj Triglav did not manage to achieve victory in the final confrontation even after the fifth attempt.