The “Bear’s Belly” Has Attracted High-Adrenaline Lovers from Around the World

Osilnica is a real paradise for skateboarding.

A steep road from Osilnica up to the Strma Reber pass will turn into an arena for skateboarding in the next two days. The skateboarders from around the world will test their courage there.

This year, Osilnica traditionally hosts the next gathering of skateboarders. The smallest in area community of Slovenia has already prepared an adrenaline surprise for them—a 4-kilometer section of the road popularly known as the “Bear’s Belly” (Medvedje črevo) with its 180-degree turns and completely asphalt coating. There is no speed limit here, because many of the participants develop pace up to 80 km/h.

Дощ для любителів високого адреналіну - не перешкода.

Rain is not a hindrance for the high-adrenaline lovers.

As part of the “KnK Longboard Campa”, there will be also a Red Bull No Paws Down competition on Saturday. The game rules are simple—those who during a turn or a manoeuvre will skip across the land on their hands will be disqualified.