The Bovški Tek Track and Field Marathon

On 15 September 2018, a traditional track and field marathon will be held in the Municipality of Bovec. The marathon is held outside the city streets and allows its participants to enjoy the beauty of the picturesque Soča River valley while running. The acquaintance with settlements and villages, local tourist attractions, passes from the right to the left bank of Soča River, and running along forest paths will leave no one indifferent.

The marathon was first held on 16 November 1980. Participants compete in running at 8, 22 and 42 km distances. Last year, 1,195 runners from 23 countries participated in this event. Organizers set a goal to reach the number of 2 thousand participants.

Participation fee is 25 EUR (pre-registration), 40 EUR (on the event day).