The Brdo Castle — a Place of the Borut Pahor’s and Vladimir Putin’s Saturday Meeting

The Brdo pri Kranju Castle is over 500 years old. Today this is a real treasure trove of history.

The Brdo Castle is first mentioned in the documents dated from 1446, when the Brdski family exchanged arable lands with the nearby city of Kranj. In 1510, the Emperor Maximilian I of Habsburg signed in Vienna the Brdo Castle Construction Permit, and the governor of the Gorizia Province and the Kranj Count Yuri Brdski erected the first castle in the Renaissance style in Kranjska. The Brdski family developed a castle project. This building has four wings and the same number of diamond-shaped towers, as well as a patio with arcades.

Today the Brdo pri Kranju Castle with a spacious, well-maintained park and forests is the most famous and best-equipped protocol entity in Slovenia, as well as a favourite place for weddings, formal events, and Saturday picnics.

During its 500-year history, the castle belonged to many people who left a significant mark in the history of Slovenia and Kranjska. Over the last decade, many prominent politicians, monarchs, secular and religious leaders have visited this castle. This was the place where Slovenian political leaders hosted many distinguished guests, among them the Queen Elizabeth II, Pope, John Paul II, the US presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, and the British Prime Minister David Cameron. On Saturday, the castle hosted the Russian president Vladimir Putin, who had previously visited it in March 2011.