The Brihteja, d.o.o. Company (Celje) Is Looking for Cooperation with Students Engaged in Information Sciences

The Brihteja, inovativne IT rešitve, d.o.o. Company from Celje is looking for cooperation with students engaged in information sciences with the following specializations:

  1. Identity Management.
  2. Development of a SharePoint-based Internet portal.
  3. Development and maintenance of complex information systems (management of servers within the Windows/Linux operating systems, management of the Active Directory software, Exchange e-mail system, MS SQL Server/Oracle database management system and developments, implementation and maintenance of communication networks).

CVs with detailed description of practical experience must be sent to: Each candidate will pass through a personal interview, during which a possibility of including a candidate into a particular project in various fields will be discussed. Graduate students will also receive a target scholarship and an opportunity of subsequent employment.