The Budget of Slovenia Demonstrates a Surplus for the Second Consecutive Month

The surplus of the state budget of Slovenia has been fixed for the second month in a row. After April’s 262.3 million euros, it amounted to 99.4 million euros in May. The total deficit of the state treasury for the five months of 2017 reached 35.3 million euros.

It is planned that the final level of the Slovenia’s budget deficit for 2017 will equal to 681 million euros, whereas the analogous last year’s figure was 684.8 million euros.

The budget revenues in May 2017 amounted to 784.6 million euros, and in just five months of this year, total revenues rose to 3.77 billion euros, which is higher than the last year’s figure (3.47 billion euros).

Just the income from taxes to the budget of Slovenia in May brought 607.5 million euros, and the total sum for five months makes slightly less than 3.16 billion euros. For comparison, last year this figure for five months amounted to 2.99 billion euros.

The volume of expenses in May amounted to 685.2 million euros, and the reporting figure for five months was 3.80 billion euros. Last year, the same figure was 3.89 billion euros.

Interest payments in May amounted to 653.5 million euros. Interest expenses of the state budget (servicing of external debt), according to the calculations of the Ministry of Finance, this year will reach 960 million euros and for the first time in a long time will be below 1 billion euros.

Relatively speaking, the primary budget surplus (excluding public debt service) in May amounted to 151.8 million euros, and by the results of the first five months of 2017—595.2 million euros.