The “Building a Career Together” Workshop

The workshops on career issues will operate at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology of the University of Ljubljana (Snežniška 5) from 12 to 14 September and from 19 to 21 September 2016. The workshop is intended for all students and graduates of the University of Ljubljana.

Форум карьеры, форум кар'єри, Karierni tabor

The event will include the following lectures, at which participants will be able to gain useful knowledge for future successful employment and entering the labour market:

  1. Good employment and self-esteem
  2. Modern labour market
  3. How to prepare a CV and a cover letter
  4. LinkedIn job search tools
  5. Body language during the interview with an employer
  6. Interview in theory and practice with an employee of the Human Resource Department in the Lidl Company
  7. Earn money thanks to your hobbies or ideas
  8. How to establish a company?
  9. First employment
  10. What should I know before going abroad? (Enic Naric)
  11. Good practical examples from the HR staff of the Atech Elektronika and Gorenje Companies
  12. What should I know before signing an employment contract? (Mladi plus)

The program, the description of sections and the application forms are available here.

The workshop participants will also have an opportunity for group work on drawing up a summary, which will be held on 20–21 September 2016. Pre-registration is required.

For more information, please contact Tina Kozic: