The Cannabis Association Was Founded in Slovenia

The Agricultural Chamber combined all cannabis producers. Ekoci continues stimulating production.

Celje, Ljubljana. Irena Rotar from Ekoci says, “We are delighted that the expert community, institutions, mainstream media and politicians — anyone who participates in the development of the Law on Cannabis — have heeded our words. Besides, the Minister Dejan Židan have also made a promising statement on that in Slovenia it is necessary to start a discussion and agree upon a reasonable legal basis for the rational use of cannabis.”

The Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Industry, Dejan Židan, stated at the founding meeting of the new Cannabis Association on Monday that that was a historical moment, and invited the leaders of the Association to a meeting in the Ministry after the preparation of the activity program.

The Agricultural Chamber of Slovenia founded the Association to bring together experts and their current experience in growing cannabis at organic farms with the processors and sellers of cannabis. Židan Minister noted that domestic agriculture was in dire need of new agricultural products, which would also be profitable. However, he also pointed out that agriculture could be successful only when it would be also the most cost-effective.

The Minister stressed the need to have more information about the final consumers of products from cannabis. He also noted that Slovenia had good technology for cultivating agricultural products, but often lacked the knowledge and experience in selling it.


19 varieties of industrial cannabis were planted.

Founding the Cannabis Association at the Chamber of Agriculture of Slovenia is largely the merit of the “Eco-Civil Initiative of Slovenia” (Ekoci), which is an informal association that has been operating in Slovenia for several years. Five years ago, the Ekoci members in collaboration with the manufacturers started raising public awareness about cannabis and took concrete measures. They planted the first plantation of cannabis, harvested it, held conferences and seminars, and this year have planted a whole range of industrial plantations with 19 varieties of industrial cannabis. Last year the Ekoci activists created a cooperative and contributed to manufacturing the first products made of cannabis, including socks.

The project on textile products made of cannabis is implemented within the Ekoci Green Design Competition for innovative clothing, which the Slovenian textile manufacturers will produce on a basis of natural materials. Later this clothing will be presented at the Agra Exhibition in Murska Sobota.