The Cerkno Region Companies Merged into Consortium

A consortium of companies involves the establishment of new joint ventures with new production programs.

Cerkno. Five local commercial companies merged into a consortium that will again revive one of the most promising regional economies in the country through investments and involvement of specialists. The central power will belong to the Certa Group, which has recently caused many idle talks regarding its mysterious privatization.

The consortium aims at investing in technology companies with high benefit and professional staff. Together with the local community, they want to revitalize the infrastructure. “Back in the past, the municipality planned to implement a number of projects, and the relevant documents were already developed, but due to an improper attitude, these projects remained on paper,” the mayor of Cerkno, Yuri Kavcic said.

Together with a group of like-minded people, this politician stayed on different sides of the trench with the Certa leaders, who agreed to sell Certa Holding to an anonymous buyer. “Ironically, these are the critics of the current situation who in the past held important leadership positions and made decisions. However, today things are as they are. I still see a healthy basis in Certa and Eta, and with the help of business contacts, we can revive the tourism and other sectors,” Yuri Kavcic notes.