The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia Awards Students of the University of Ljubljana

The students from the Faculty of Biotechnology received their awards for the development of innovative food products.

The contest was attended by teams from all universities of Slovenia. The Faculty of Biotechnology of the University of Ljubljana was represented by two teams that took the 1st and the 2nd places. The winning team will represent Slovenia at the Ecotrophelia Slovenija 2017 European contest, which will be held in November as part of the Food Matters Live exhibition in London.

The “On my whey” product, developed by Sabina Vrecl, Neža Miklavič, Gregor Sok, Nina Ogorevc and Lea Prelovšek, is an organic and environmentally friendly probiotic. Under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Aleša Kuharja, the students created a whey-based fruit and dairy product enriched with millet. The main ingredients consist of environmentally friendly products of high quality.

“Our main task was to develop a product from by-products, that is, from organic whey. We enriched it with millet and added fruit. All ingredients are of Slovenian origin. It took us a while to obtain the optimal taste composition,” said the project manager Sabina Vrecl.

The second place was taken by the “β-gut” product, which does not contain fat and salt and has a high proportion of dietary fibre (36%). Students have scientifically proved that it positively affects the intestinal microflora and regulates the level of cholesterol in the blood.