The Commerce and Industry Chamber of Slovenia Encouraged Innovations

The Commerce and Industry Chamber of Slovenia (GZS) awarded 14 gold21 silver and 5 bronze medals for technological innovations 2016. The awards were intended for 182 nominations with 768 professionals working on them.

The main selection criteria were:

  1. originality,
  2. protectability (patent, trade secret, model, and trademark),
  3. marketability (if an innovation is recognized by customers, suppliers, and users),
  4. promoting innovation culture within partner organizations (contractors) and contribution to the well-being of local, regional, national and international environment, and
  5. environmental friendliness.

The GZS, the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology and the SPIRIT Slovenija State Agency attended the awarding ceremony. These institutions will encourage implementation of innovations and diversification of product assortment provided by the companies-winners and imported to foreign markets.

Akrapovič won one of the gold medals for the development of high-tech titanium exhaust pipe for motorcycles.


“The Golden Rules” of a successful innovation in the international market

Always and everywhere, think on how to stand out among competitors.
Take into account the market situation right during the stage of product designing.
Believe in your innovation.
Your product should be original, aesthetically attractive, of high-quality, practical, and sustainable.
Individual approach to each client.
You should anticipate the desires of buyers.


High-tech windows made of the Slovenian timber

The M Sora Company is awarded a gold medal for the design of windows with high thermal properties made of the Slovenian spruce wood material. The innovation was developed in collaboration with the Silvaprodukt Company and the Faculty of Biotechnology of the University of Ljubljana. In 2014, this product received the international award as the most energy efficient certified wood window for a passive house.