The Constitution of Slovenia Now Includes the Right of its Residents to Receive Drinking Water

The basic state law stipulates that the water resources refer to the public fund and may not be treated as a market commodity. The Slovenian Prime Minister Miro Cerar describes water as a “liquid gold of the 21st century”.

The amendment was introduced to prevent the commercialization of the country’s resources. The majority of the parliament members voted for its adoption (64 votes). Nobody voted against it. The centre-right opposition Slovenian Democratic Party (SDP) abstained from voting, stating that the changes were not necessary and were introduced only to strengthen the public support.

Cerar explains the new amendment by the fact that the water in Slovenia is of very high quality. According to him, in the future, the water, due to its value, will certainly enter the list of needs of other countries and international corporations.

In 2016, Green Destinations called Slovenia the most environmentally friendly country for ecotourism. The country received this honorary title at a solemn ceremony in the Ljubljana Castle within the framework of the two-day conference “Global Green Destinations Day”. Besides, 100 most environmentally friendly tourist routes, including Ljubljana, were announced during the conference.