The Country’s Champions in Extreme Sprint on Water Were Awarded in Sava

Yesterday, Sava pri Prusniku hosted the national championship in extreme sprint on water, which at the same time was the third qualifying tournament to the national team in paddling, and the second qualifier in sprint. In the competition of canoeists, Nejc Zhnidarshich confirmed his hegemony in Slovenia. Simon Hocevar was the best among paddlers. Peter Zhnidarshich and Luka Zhganjar succeeded in the men’s doubles standings, and Teja Vrbnjak Jerbezhnik triumphed among the female canoeists.

Nejc Zhnidarshich was the best to pass the distance, scoring a predicted victory with the result of 01:02:30. The second was Vid Debeljak, legging behind the winner by only 0.95 seconds, and Anzhe Urankar took the bronze. The above-mentioned trio made an excellent performance at the last year’s international competitions as well. Nejc Zhnidarshich became a European champion and a vice-world champion in sprint, Vid Debeljak won the bronze of the World Championship in sprint, and Anzhe Urankar became the world champion among juniors in this kind of sports.

Нейц Жнідаршич, Від Дебельяк, Анже УранкарThe most experienced competitor among paddlers was 42-year-old Simon Hocevar, who won the competition. He was 0.21 seconds faster than Peter Zhnidarshich and 2.27 seconds — than Luka Zhganjar. The latter were the best paddlers in the men’s doubles competition. The ex-world champions in sprint — Luka Zhganjar and Peter Zhnidarshich — were less than a second ahead of a Croatian duo of Luka Obadich and Ivan Tolich. The third place also went to the Croats — Antonio Marinich and Ren Korpesh. Simon Hocevar, who performed excellently in the last season’s doubles standings together with Blazh Cof, this time, did not start in this category. The fact is that his partner Blazh Cof became a member of the national team in slalom on water and did not attend this competition of paddlers. The young paddlers Jush Javornik and Vid Oshtrbenk were the second in the final standings of the national championship.

Oshtrbenk won the title of a national champion in paddling among juniors. He was 2.5 seconds ahead of Klemen Kavzarja. Blazh Anzhlovar finished the third. Teja Vrbnjak Jerbezhnik succeeded among female paddlers, Jana Hocevar was the second, and Zhiva Brglez was the third to finish.

Jana Hocevar became the champion among juniors, Zhiva Brglez took the second place, and Jeva-Alina Hocevar — a successful follower of her father Simon Hocevar — won the bronze.