The Cycle of the New Year’s Eve Events “Merry December” Starts in Ljubljana

On Friday, 30 November, the capital of Slovenia will start the cycle of festive events “Merry December”. On this day, Ljubljana will turn on the festive illumination and fair stalls will start to work, which this year will also be installed at the Petkovškovo nabrežje pedestrian-only area. Guests of the fair will be able to taste festive dishes and drinks as well as purchase memorable gifts. The Kranjska sausage, potica cake and štruklji (Slovenian strudel) will become the highlight of the festive menu.

In total, 28 holiday stalls will be installed on the Breg embankment. In addition, festive stalls will traditionally be installed on the Kongresni Trg (Congress Square), on the Gallusovo nabrezje embankment and on the Cankarjevo nabrežje embankment.

It is worth noting that stalls will sell drinks and some dishes under the Okusi Ljubljane logo (“Tastes of Ljubljana”). As part of the Okusi Ljubljane project, the offer consists of traditional dishes of local cuisine cooked from ingredients of exclusively Slovenian origin. In particular, these include beef noodle soup, fried potatoes, pancakes in Ljubljana style – with cottage cheese, tarragon and frog legs. According to the organisers, in previous years, the Kranjska sausage, pizza with tarragon and homemade strudel with cottage cheese were the most popular dishes.

The stalls will work from 30 November 2018 to 2 January 2019. It should be added that the main holiday tree has been recently installed at the Prešeren trg (Prešeren Square).