The Day of the Slovenian Army that Is Loyal to its Fatherland for a Quarter Century

8:00 PM, 15 May 2016 (Sunday), the Economic Exhibition (Gospodarsko razstavišče, Ljubljana)

Organizer: the Army of Slovenia

On 15 May, Sunday, Slovenia will celebrate the 25th anniversary of its armed forces. On this day in 1991, two training centres in Igu and Pekre started training Slovenian soldiers in the Slovenian language for the first time since the World War II, which was one of the main conditions for the organization and development of the national armed forces.

День Словенської Армії

The central ceremony will be held on the territory of the Economic Exhibition in Ljubljana at 8:00 PM. Televizija Slovenija will broadcast live this event.

The President of Slovenia and the Supreme Commander Borut Pahor will be the honourable speaker. The Slovenian Minister of Defence Andrej Katich and the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Slovenia Andrej Osterman will also speak before the ceremony attendants.

The orchestra of the Armed Forces of Slovenia and of the event guests will crown the ceremony. The members of the Protocol Service of the Slovenian Armed Forces will make three shots out of six guns from the Ljubljana Castle to honour the holiday.

The Slovenian soldiers of the first enrolment swore an oath to the Fatherland on 2 June 1991. After proclaiming the state sovereignty, the war for independence started, which culminated with the October withdrawal of all Yugoslavian troops from Slovenia. The adoption of the Law on Defence in December 1994 became another important historical event for the Armed Forces of Slovenia. This law gave the official name to the Slovenian Army. An important date for the Slovenian Armed Forces was 15 October 2003, when the last military personnel recruited on an urgent basis completed its service. Since then, the Slovenian Armed Forces included the contractors, reservists and volunteers only. On 29 March 2004, the integration of the Slovenian Armed Forces to the NATO started, which ended with signing the Declaration on the Completion of the NATO Integration Program of 10 February 2010. Thereby, the Slovenian Armed Forces fulfilled the formal requirements for participation in the system of collective security under the auspices of NATO.

By its 25th anniversary, the Slovenian military personnel reports that it will continue to carry out faithfully its obligations and that with the appropriate equipment and facilities for training, it will achieve high results.

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