The Detailed Analysis of Salaries in the Public Sector

The highest salaries are among the Jezersko municipality employees. In January–June 2016, the majority of new employees appeared in the Celje Hospital. The Ministry of Public Administration obtained 41 new employees.

The total number of public servants in Slovenia is 170,489 people as of June 2016. The Government allocates 212 million euros from the national budget to pay for their labour. The annual budget expenditures for the public sector employees are estimated at 2.5 billion euros. For comparison, the entire budget of Slovenia is about 9 billion euros. The Ministry of Public Administration announced these figures in a special report.


The Celje Hospital is a record holder for hiring new employees.

In January–June 2016, the majority of new employees appeared in the municipal hospital of Celje. The hospital administration explained this with a high level of employment and the lack of regular staff due to illness or childcare and parental leave.

For the first 6 months of this year, the hospital employed:

  1. 14 nurses and medical technicians,
  2. 7 administrators due to an urgent opening of a new centre,
  3. 24 new temporary employees due to the sickness of regular staff (for more than 1 month) or a maternity leave,
  4. 5 new doctors,
  5. 6 new specialists were hired to replace the fired or retired staff members according to the Law on the Balancing of Public Funds (ZUJF), which limits the quota for new staff,
  6. 2 trainees,
  7. 10 new employees (8 nurses and 2 technical specialists) were hired due to the increased volume of work.

The staff of the Ministry of Public Administration increased by 41 persons. This is due to the new duties, which will be imposed on the employees; in particular, we are talking about the security of mass communication and management of state property. However, as reported, the Ministry will not hire new employees, but will involve the staff from other public agencies.


The Škocjan Caves Park staff increased significantly

From April to June this year, the number of employees in the Škocjan Caves Park increased by 65%. Basically, these are guides and guards. The Park Director Stojan Ščuka explains this fact by a seasonal surge in the number of tourist and increase in the park attendance.

He noted that the annual recruitment of new employees during the tourist season is held in accordance with the Art. 54 of the Labour Act. At the same time, we must take into account the budget of the Slovenia’s Škocjan Caves Park public institution approved by the Administrative Council.

According to the director, the expansion of personnel positively affects the work. Ščuka said that the Škocjan Caves leadership was doing everything so that the Park visitors had only positive experience.


What municipalities have the highest salaries?

A statistical analysis of salaries shows that the smaller the municipality is, the higher the average monthly salary of employees is.

In January–June 2016, the average monthly salary of the Jezersko and Sodražica municipalities’ employees amounted to 1,700 euros. The Novo Mesto municipality employees on average earn slightly more than 1,500 euros.

The highest salaries are paid to the staff of the Radiation Safety Office (2,200 euros) and of the Ministry of Defence (2,030 euros), which are followed by the Chemicals Control Department, the Budget and Finance Department and the Ministry of Internal Affairs.


The biggest bonuses are paid to the pharmacy employees

The pharmacy employees receive the biggest bonuses. At the pharmacies of Žalec, bonuses amounted to 40.7% of the salary level. The director of the Nataša Čatar medical institution said that the bonuses were paid for a heavy load imposed on the staff due to the illness and maternity leaves of the majority of regular employees. In addition, the bonuses include sales percentages referred to in a financial plan.