The Development and Repair of Streets in Ljubljana Is in Full Swing

The capital of Slovenia is actively working on repair and improvement of city streets. Thus, in Gradecki Cesta, the water drainage and sewerage system have been repaired, the tray-type cable-conduit system and video cameras have been installed, and public illumination has been modernized. A two-way bicycle lane and a one-sided pavement have been developed alongside the street. A two-sided pavement is landscaped in front of Litijska Cesta. Gradecki Cesta is also equipped with 5 speed limiters, as well as supporting structures to ensure the stability of the roadbed. In the central part of this street, the parking spaces for cars of local residents have been arranged, and a roundabout has been made at the intersection with Ižanska Cesta. The works have been carried out by KPL d.d. and Prenova Gradbenik.

The sewerage system has been repaired and the public illumination has been modernized in the Kolodvorska Street in Ljubljana. The area between Pražákova Street and the Insurance Centre for the Elderly and the Disabled is surrounded by the submersible parking columns, and a parking space for motorbikes and bicycles is developed within this area. The work has been carried out by Komunalne gradnje d.o.o.

The water disposal and sewerage system has been repaired and a cable-conduit system for electrocommunication has been built in the Hotimirova Street. Besides, a sidewalk has been developed and the condition of the carriageway at the intersection with Zofka Kveder Street has been improved. Prenova Gradbenik was hired as the contractor.

The water disposal and sewerage system has been repaired and the electrical grid has been modernized in the Kotnikova Street. The public illumination, which was previously located on the facades of buildings, is now located on poles. On both sides of the street, there are parking spaces and a high level of safety for pedestrians is provided at the crossing of the street. The contractors of the works are Komunalne gradnje d.o.o., Nigrad d.o.o. and Santosa d.o.o.

Zdešarjeva Cesta has been also developed in the capital. The sewage network has been built, the water supply system and public illumination have been modernized, the new gas pipelines have been installed in local households, and the telecommunication network has been expanded. In order to ensure greater road safety, the turn to the Zadobrovška Cesta has been extended. The work is carried out by Komunalne gradnje d.o.o.