The DOBA Faculty Conducts an Academic Image and Reputation Research

A research on the Image, Reputation and Perception of the DOBA Faculty and the Competitive Higher Educational Institutions by Students and Graduates has been conducted this year. The research involved students and graduates of the Faculty. The key components analysed in the research are the reputation of private higher educational institutions in Slovenia, the image of the DOBA Faculty and its competitors, the factors influencing the Faculty’s image, the level of employers’ support, and the reasons for entering the Faculty.

The results of the research are presented below.

The decision to study at the DOBA Faculty and provision of information to employers by students and graduates:

  1. 84.4% of students made a decision to study at the DOBA Faculty due to online training;
  2. 85% of students notified employers about their studies;
  3. 91% of employers supported the choice of an educational institution made by students.
  4. Key sources of information were the Internet, advice from friends and acquaintances.

Assessment of the overall reputation of individual institutions of higher education in Slovenia on a 5-point scale:

  1. Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana – 4.53,
  2. DOBA Faculty – 4.14,
  3. Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Maribor – 4.09,
  4. GEA College, Ljubljana – 3.78,
  5. Alma Mater Europaea, Maribor – 3.67,
  6. International Faculty of Social and Business Sciences, Celje – 3.45,
  7. Faculty of Commerce and Business, Celje – 3.36,
  8. B2 – 3.23,
  9. Graduate School of Management and Business, Novo Mesto – 3.09,
  10. Erudio – 3.07.

Assessment of individual components of the DOBA Faculty reputation on a 5-point scale:

  1. following the current trends in education – 4.57,
  2. investment in innovation and development – 4.45,
  3. adaptation of the educational process to the needs of students – 4.44,
  4. qualification of the DOBA Faulty administration – 4.36,
  5. quality of study programmes – 4.34,
  6. level of confidence among students and graduates – 4.31,
  7. contribution to personnel training and environmental development – 4.30,
  8. significance of the DOBA Faculty’s diploma among employers – 3.40.