The DOBA Faculty Holds a Contest of Innovative Student Projects

The DOBA Faculty encourages comprehensive thinking and proactivity of students. This is achieved including through the Network of Subjects project (in Slovene: Mreženje predmetov), in which students embody extraordinary ideas, approaches, present new views and integrated solutions.

The final presentation of student innovation projects took place on Saturday, 9 March 2019, in Maribor. Students presented their projects in 4 subjects: Management of Innovations, Management Support Systems, Project Management and Teamwork, Multimedia and Design within Company.

The following projects were submitted for the contest of the best works:

  1. Active Age
  2. Automatic Accumulator
  3. Be Free
  4. E-box
  5. Inosky
  6. Constructive
  7. The Line of Products from Organic Meat of Wild Animals
  8. Mobile Kitchen
  9. Personal Cabinet
  10. Plenomat
  11. Slovenian Straw Bag
  12. Tim 12

Winners were determined by mobile voting. According to its results, Active Age took the first place, Plenomat took the second place, and Mobile Kitchen took the third place.