The DOBA Faculty to Hold a Lecture on a Favourable Environment for Entrepreneurship

Master Gordana Ćorić, the owner of Festina Lente consulting company (business services, consulting, training programmes), a teacher of the VERN’ University and a mentor in a student incubator, will give a lecture on Favourable Environment for Entrepreneurship at the DOBA Faculty.

The lecture will be held in Croatian. The date of the event will be announced later.

The role of entrepreneurs in society is very important because they constantly open up new opportunities, develop new products and services, update existing business models, generate income and promote GDP growth, create jobs, destroy myths and think outside the box. However, it is not enough just to be ready for business. It is important to develop culture (respect for values, including acceptance of business failures and readiness for unconditional support, if that happens); infrastructure for entrepreneurship (educational, cultural, recreational, social enterprises); favourable business environment – from various programmes, initiatives in support of entrepreneurs, chambers, development centres, consulting networks, mentors, financial programmes, incubators, hubs, etc. to youth entrepreneurship courses. These are the brief messages of the upcoming lecture.

Gordana Ćorić is a member of the Regional Advisory Council of the Social Innovation Laboratory and expert commissions on a number of projects (Hrvaški kvocient inovativnosti, Družbeno dogovorno poslovanje za vse, Hrvaške gazele, Practicing Design and Rethinking Design Education, The Inkubator, Crowdfunding akademija, HULT Global Challenge, etc.), as well as a member of a network of trainers/consultants on socially responsible business, franchise, social entrepreneurship, crowdfunding, etc.