The Draft Budget of Slovenia for 2017: Focus on Tourism and Business

The draft budget of Slovenia for 2017 developed by the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology (MGRT) allocates 168.6 million euros for the economy development, which is 41 million more than in the budgeted for 2016. The items of expenditure for the MGRT funds increase by 30 million euros in 2017; however, they are 27 million euros less as compared to the last year’s indicator. The Ministry of Economic Development and Technology increases the expenditure part by the last year’s reallocation of approximately 200 million euros earmarked for the Department of Cohesion Policy and Sustainable Development.

Aleš Cantarutti, the State Secretary of the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, notes that the main emphasis is laid on the consumption of European funds. During the bidding, companies can get both the Slovenian integrated funds and the resources from the EU funds. In the current year, the MGRT will reserve 94 million euros of targeted European funds, and will pay out 10 million euros. In 2017 and 2018, the non-refundable pay-out amount of EU funds will reach 70 million euros.

More resources for research, development and entrepreneurship

The budget of Slovenia provides 23.6 million euros to support the high-tech development projects. 16.6 million euros out of this amount will be paid out from this year’s fund. The MGRT representatives also mention an open RRI tender (research, development, innovations) scheduled for the next autumn. Its total value is 72 million euros, 4 million euros of which is planned for paying out in 2017. The tender is held to support the research projects (consortia) of enterprises, which should serve as an impetus for the implementation of research and technological knowledge in practice.

The draft budget for the year 2017 provides 28 million euros to support enterprises, which is 14 million more than the amount of this year’s estimated realization. The amount planned for business development and support totals to 15.8 million euros, which exceeds the amount of this year’s realization by more than 4 million euros.

The draft budget for the year 2017 will allocate more money from the EU structural funds than a year earlier to increase the benefit of enterprises and promote business, primarily the start-ups. This is because the expenditure planned for 2016 started only in the second half of the year, so some of the budget funds was deferred to the following year, as the MGRT experts explain.


The support of entrepreneurship in 2017 will cost 10.6 million euros, the regional development and social entrepreneurship — 16.5 million euros, the wood processing industry — 2.9 million euros.

 The additional EU funds allocated for the development of tourism in Slovenia

This year, as compared to 2015, the funds for the development of tourism in Slovenia have almost doubled, reaching the sum of 11.8 million euros. A similar sum is provided for the promotion of Slovenia’s tourist offer for the period of 2017–2018. The MGRT experts note that a new website will be launched, the extensive advertising campaigns will be carried out in the Internet, the mass media communication will be improved, and the quality of tourist services will grow.

The amount of 5.5 million euros from the European Regional Development Fund will be allocated for the creation of new tourism projects and the development of tourism infrastructure in 2017–2018.