The Drava Embankment in Maribor to Become Pedestrian

The promenade is planned to be organized on the territory of the Lent microdistrict. The whole territory from the market place to the Water Tower (Slovene: Vodni stolp) will be closed for vehicles.

The Mayor’s Office notes that at the five-kilometre bed of the Drava River, Maribor has the largest embankment among all the cities of Slovenia. Developing the embankment will give a new look to the public institutions located thereon and will facilitate the arrangement of events near the river. Besides, the movement of pedestrians and cyclists will become more comfortable.

The cost of the project on the left bank of the Drava River in front of the Old City is estimated at 9.5 million euros. The movement of vehicles after repairs will be limited to delivery vehicles and auxiliary equipment of various services. Parking in this area will also be banned.

The total budget of works on the provision of urban amenities is estimated at almost 18 million euros.

Parking will also be removed from the south side of the highway in the area between the market place and the Student Footbridge (Slovene: Studenška brv). In its place, the sidewalk and the bike lane will be expanded, which will separate the green lawn from the highway.

Between the market and the Water Tower, an installation of a wooden platform of 21 metres high and over 550 metres long is planned. In the northern part of the site, itis planned to lay paving slabs. The Old Bridge will have an elevator, which will provide additional transportation of passengers between the embankment and the Main Square (Slovene: Glavni tr) in addition to the already existing steps along the bridge.

The project is based on the topographic plan approved in 2010 and already has permission to conduct construction work. The municipality expects to receive 6.2 million euros through the mechanism of integrated territorial investments (CTN) for the implementation of the project, and the remaining 3.2 million euros will be allocated from the city budget.

Until the end of this year, it is expected to receive a relevant permit from the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, and the signing of co-financing agreements is scheduled for mid-2018.

At the same time, the municipality in a public-private partnership plans to install a permanent stage on the Drava River near the Water Tower, which would facilitate the holding of the Lent Festival, as well as the organization of other cultural events. Downstream the river, bold ideas are also borne by the new owner of the Maribox cinema, who predicts the opening of a number of infrastructure facilities on the riverbank in the coming years, including rappelling and a pool.

Within the framework of the complex improvement of the Drava embankment, the reconstruction of the Barracks Square (Slovene: Vojašniški trg) and the Judgement Tower (Slovene: Sodni stolp) is also planned with the opening of the viticulture museum – another CTN project.

Based on the mechanism of integrated territorial investments (CTN), Maribor plans to receive 18 million euros. Among other things, these funds will help to equip the inter-municipal housing facilities, the Rotovški trg (Square) and the Magistrate building as well as the parkways in the central city park, and make a park near the stream Pekrski potok. It is also planned to open the Drava cycling route and launch the Park & ​​Ride and Bike & Ride systems at the entry points to the city.