The Employment Service Allocates 5–7 Thousand Euros for Employers to Hire the Unemployed

The Slovenian Employment Service plans to allocate 5–7 thousand euros irrevocably as state grants to employers who hire the unemployed from the target groups. This applies to people over 30 who have been experiencing difficulties in finding job for several months or more.

As expected, the programme will provide work for 9,526 people. The total budget of the programme is over 50 million euros. 20% of these funds are provided by Slovenia, 80% – by the European Social Fund.

For the unemployed people, who have a permanent place of residence in Eastern Slovenia, 60% of all funds are pledged. Another 40% are for the unemployed, who have a permanent place of residence in Western Slovenia.

The programme aims to reduce the structural disparities between supply and demand in the labour market.

The employers, legal entities and individuals, who have been recorded in the business register for at least 12 months and have at least one in-house employee for the last 3 months, can participate in this programme. They can also work for themselves.

The labour relations between the employer and the employee as a result of participation in this programme implies the conclusion of a full employment contract for a at least 1 year.

The programme of state grants for employers implies hiring of unemployed persons who meet several requirements. People over 30 years have to be registered in the Employment Service for 12 months. For the over-50 unemployed this period makes 6 months.

Besides, the over-30 unemployed, who have incomplete secondary education (9 grades) and have been registered in the Employment Service for at least 6 months, may participate in this programme.

Before applying for participation in the programme, employers must formally open a vacancy on the Employment Service website. Further, they can choose suitable employees from the unemployed directed by the service. Upon completion of the recruitment procedure, employers can open new vacancies. They can offer one or more posts, but only for a limited number of individuals from the target group of unemployed people.

Applicants can apply to a personal consultant in the Labour Department, in which they are registered, for all questions regarding the participation in this programme. The programme will be relevant until the available irrevocable funds are exhausted, but no later than until 2:45 p.m. on 31 July 2019, when the deadline for the submission of vacancies by employers expires.