The European Night of Researchers to Be Held in Seven Slovenian Cities

The contest is aimed at popularizing the profession of scientist among the youth. It also introduces the role of science in everyday life.

The European Night of Researchers will be held on 29 September. It will take place in Ljubljana, Maribor, Kopra, Nova Gorica, Brežice, Ljutomer and Izola, as well as in other 250 European cities.

The Slovenian consortium, which included the University of Maribor, the University of Nova Gorica, the University of Primorska, the National Institute of Biology and the Franc Miklošič Gymnasium (Ljutomer), announced the holding of the national stage of the contest. It is intended for all students of the basic (1–9 grades) and secondary (10–11 grades) schools in the country.

A participant can submit 1 work in each of the 3 categories: the best photo related to ecosystems, the best film on environmental purity, and the best verse dedicated to research. Deadline for submitting materials is 18 September. A detailed list of terms and conditions related to the contest is posted on the website

The national stage of the European Night of Researchers is held under the slogan “Science for Life” (Slovene: “Znanost za življenje”).

In addition to the creative contest, the organisers will arrange fascinating experiments at workshops for children and adults, and excursions to laboratories.