The EUTOPIA Association Guided by the University of Ljubljana Receives Five Million Euros under the Erasmus+ Programme

The EUTOPIA Association guided by the University of Ljubljana has received five million euros under the Erasmus+ programme. The purpose of the association is to improve the quality of European higher education.

The association is already preparing joint postgraduate programmes, joint PhD programmes for researchers at the beginning of their professional careers, as well as student and faculty member exchange programmes.

The resulting five million euros will give the association an extra boost. EUTOPIA will strive to act as a network of European universities working to solve global contemporary issues within the framework of joint research, increasing the mobility of students and teachers, and sharing innovations.

It should be recalled that EUTOPIA includes the Free University of Brussels (Vrijie Universiteit Brussel), the University of Gothenburg, the University of Paris-Seine, the Barcelona University of Pompeu Fabra, and the University of Warwick. These universities conduct research in 760 areas of scientific knowledge. EUTOPIA has over 165,000 students, 30,000 employees in six countries, and 90,000 graduates.