The Exports of Wood in Slovenia Increased by 13%

Despite generous domestic supplies, the imports of industrial wood increased.

In 2015, exports of roundwood from Slovenia reached 2.7 million m³, which is almost 13% higher than a year before. A comparative analysis of wood exports in 2014–2015 showed that the exports of round logs for sawmills and peeled veneer demonstrated the biggest growth.

According to the Statistics Service, in 2015, the domestic timber reserves are large enough to reduce the roundwood imports by about 2%. A large area of forestlands affected by black ice and bark beetles was cut down.

According to the data provided by the Foreign Trade Office in 2015, only 448,000 m³ of roundwood were imported to Slovenia. According to the same data, the exports of saw log and peeled veneer increased by 32%, while the exports of pulpwood and other industrial roundwood materials and stove woods decreased by 2% and 10%, respectively.

Dynamics of imports showed different results. As compared to the year 2014, the imports of stove woods decreased by 10%, and the imports of saw log and peeled veneer reduced by 17%. Last year, the imports of pulpwood, particleboards and other industrial roundwood materials rose by 10% in spite of the national timber reserves.