The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Celebrates Its 22nd Birthday

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science of the University of Maribor was opened in 1995. The key achievements, successes and events of the outgoing year were noted at the festive event last week.

For the years of the Faculty’s existence, about 7 thousand students have already graduated from it. This is the largest faculty at the University of Maribor. It features 290 employees and 1,904 students. In total, 155 foreign students study on an intramural basis.

The pride of the Faculty is the researcher Professor Dr. Marjan Mernik. According to the criteria of the WEB of Science in Clarity Analytics, he enters 1% of the most cited authors in his field. The high quality of scientific research at the Faculty is the basis for training and education of new highly qualified specialists.

Celebration began with a lecture on the technology of a continuous sequential chain of information blocks (blockchain technology) presented by Dr. Muhamed Turkanović and Dr. Boštjan Kežmah.

At the ceremony, the best graduates and students, who have approved themselves in scientific work, were awarded. The Mixed Choir of the Faculty participated in the cultural part of the event. In June 2017, it won gold at an international competition. The Photo Club of the Faculty prepared an exhibition of photographs.