The Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technology of the University of Primorska Participates Successfully in the Erasmus+ Projects

The Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technology of the University of Primorska (UP FAMNIT) is more and more successfully involved into the projects under the EU Erasmus+ program.

The Erasmus+ supports projects of cooperation between the partner structures. It annually organizes the mobility programs for students and teachers of the participating countries, and since 2015 — from the partner countries as well. The UP FAMNIT achieved particular success last year, having received 100,000 euros at its disposal, due to which there was an opportunity to support the mobility of 31 students and teachers from 10 countries who were not the program participants:

Факультет математики, природознавства та інформаційних технологій Приморського університету успішно бере участь в проектах Erasmus +

The UP FAMNIT and the UP IAM also implement four joint projects with partner organizations:

ECCUM — Establishment of Computing Centres and Curriculum Development in Mathematical Engineering Master Programme.

The UP FAMNIT is involved in the project as the leading organization and, besides the University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain) and POLITO (Italy), helps five universities of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan implement the Mathematical Engineering Master Programme and open computing centres. More information is available at the project’s website.

It is funded centrally through the EACEA.

ERGOSIGN is a novel learning approach for ERGOnomic principles for deSIGNers working in the upholstery and sleep sectors by using Virtual Reality.

The UP FAMNIT cooperates with companies and educational institutions from Romania, Spain and Poland to create e-learning materials on the use of ergonomic aspects when manufacturing the upholstery and sleep furniture.

The project is funded by the Romanian National Agency.


DA.RE are the Data Science Pathways to re-imagine education.

Companies and educational structures of Italy, Serbia, Portugal, Slovenia and the UK will create innovative learning paths for working with big data. In terms of the content, the project will cover areas of teaching how to control the automated processes, statistical modelling, big data needs, data management and industry requirements.

The implementation of the project will start in September 2016.

The project is funded by the Italian National Agency.

CULTURESHAKE (a cultural shake-up)

CULTURESHAKE is a comprehensive project concerning the scope of intercultural communication in multilingual educational institutions, migration, integration, and information technology. The project will develop tools for teaching material in the field of cultural theory, theatre pedagogy and multilingual didactic approaches. The main pilot focus will be placed on the Shakespeare’s plays such as “Midsummer Night’s Dream” and “The Tempest”, which will be used for an agreed objective study thereof.

The educational structures from Germany, Great Britain, Sweden and Slovenia participate in the project. Its implementation will start in September 2016.

The project is funded by the German National Agency.