The ‘Falling Walls Lab Ljubljana’ Competition of Innovative Ideas

Nejc Hodnik won the ‘Falling Walls Lab Ljubljana’ Competition of innovative ideas with a proposal to avoid hazardous noble metal recycling.

The University of Ljubljana held the II International ‘Falling Walls Lab Ljubljana’ Competition, where young inventors submitted their innovative proposals. The expert commission of professors and economists assessed the ideas according to the depth of analysis, applicability and novelty. The final part of the competition involved 8 ideas, among which the commission determined the winner. Nejc Hodnik became the winner with his idea of “Breaking the Wall of Hazardous Noble Metal Recycling”. He proposed to solve the problem of hazardous noble metal recycling. In November, he will participate in the finals of the international ‘Falling Walls Lab’ Competition in Berlin on 8–9 November 2016.

The second place was provided to Matija Gatalo with the project on ”Breaking the Wall of Fuel Cell Commercialization”.

The third place was given to Polona Pečlin with the idea of “Breaking the Wall of Neuromodulation”, which demonstrated an innovative approach in the field of neuromodulation.

All winners received a financial reward.

The ‘Falling Walls Lab 2016’ Competition has a great research value and provides an opportunity for students, researchers, experts and entrepreneurs to present innovative technical solutions, projects and business models. The idea of ‘Falling Walls Lab’ was born from the collaboration between the Falling Walls Foundation, the Global Administrative and Consulting AT Kearney Company, and the Festo Company, which is the worldwide supplier of pneumatic and electrical automation equipment.