The Festival in Tribute to Giuseppe Tartini Is Launched in Piran

A classical music event will last until mid-September.

The Il terzo suono ensemble and the master of bassoon Sergio Azzolini performed during the opening ceremony in the Church of St. George. Stanko Madić played the Tartini’s violin.

On Saturday, Il terzo suono with a changed line-up and a new programme will perform at the Minorite Monastery (Piran). On 21 August, a concert for the pianoforte by a French pianist Michel Bourdonclet is planned. As part of the Tartini Junior project, a young performer Mojca Lavrenčič will play the harp on Wednesday.

A concert of the Croatian Baroque Ensemble specializing in musical interpretation with the help of old instruments is scheduled for 28 August. On 30 August, a concert by the famous I Solisti Veneti & Claudio Scimone ensemble will take place in the Piran Belfry. This orchestra was founded in 1959. Its discography has more than 350 works.

On Friday, 1 September, Tartini House-Museum will host a concert of classical music by the Človeški Glas, Glas Angelov ensemble under the guidance of a soloist, conductor, composer and music professor Vittorio Ghielmi. On 3 September, the guests of the festival will see a performance by the Salzburg Baroque Trio in the courtyard of the Minorite Monastery.