The Festival of Prekmurje Layer Cake (Prekmurska Gibanica) and Ham Is Held in the Soboški Grad (Castle)

The event in Murska Sobota is organized by a culinary and tourist project Gourmet over Mura. The modern festival of street food opened on Friday evening in the courtyard of the city castle (Slovene: Soboški grad).

The guests of the festival could try Prekmurje ham with lard, horseradish and condiments, hamburgers, Prlekija layer cakes (Slovene: Prleška gibanica) and many other tasty dishes.

The festival involved tastings, workshops on cooking a layer cake, and competition for guessing the weight of ham. The festival was accompanied by sounds of Gypsy music. In the park, near the Soboški grad, Prekmurje craftsmen and farmers were selling their products.

This year the festival has featured an increased number of guests. There were almost no empty seats in a special train, in which lovers of Prekmurje came from Ljubljana.