The Finance Newspaper Publishes Information About the Activities of Slovenian Exporters in the Russian Market

The Finance Newspaper has published information about the activities of a number of leading Slovenian exporters in the Russian market, including signed contracts and plans for the future.

Today, Krka, the leading manufacturer of generic drugs, remains the biggest Slovenian exporter and investor in the Russian market. According to the publication, one fifth of the Krka sales volume accounts for the Russian market. The company has about 2,000 employees, and the average annual sales volume amounts to almost 300 million euros. In 2018, the growth in sales made 12% (in roubles). The Krka plant, located in the city of Istra, Moscow region, is operated by a subsidiary company Krka Farma, which is among the 500 largest companies in Russia.

Finance brings another interesting little-known fact to a wide audience: some aluminium parts for Vladimir Putin’s limousine Aurus Senat were made in Slovenia by the Impol Company, or rather, by the Stampal subsidiary company, which produces small-scale high-quality forgings for premium-class cars.

The Russian market also features Impol, a manufacturer of aluminium products, Kovinoplastika Lož, a manufacturer of fittings for windows and doors, and Gostol-Gopan, a distributor of industrial lines and bakery machines.

The Impol manufacturer of aluminium products has been operating in the Russian market for several years. The company sells rolled products for the construction industry, food and pharmaceutical industries, and now plans to enter the automotive industry. Impol aluminium products were used in the construction of the roof over the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow.

Kovinoplastika Lož has been operating in Russia for 20 years with 15% of its sales made in this country. The company sells accessories for windows and doors, as well as dishwashers. According to Finance, the company is particularly pleased with last year’s sales of goods from the segment of construction equipment, which grew by 11% due to an increase in subsidized housing. A company’s shop has been opened in Russia, which periodically executes large orders. Thus, in 2015, the value of one of the orders made 1 million euros.

The publication also mentions Gostol-Gopan, which has been operating in the Russian market for over 40 years, producing 30% of average annual exports. Gostol-Gopan sells industrial lines and bakery machines that are of interest to medium and large industrial bakeries. The company sees significant potential in the Russian market due to its size and the development of the bakery industry. In the future, Gostol-Gopan intends to increase the sale of large industrial turnkey lines made in compliance with the smart plants and Industry 4.0 guidelines. In 2017, during the visit of the country’s President Borut Pahor to Moscow, Gostol-Gopan signed a contract for the supply in Russia of two production lines to a food company and a bakery.