The First All-Slovenian Acrobatic Circus on Water Was Held in Ljubljana

Alice in the Waterland.

Alice was again following behind the White Rabbit. However, this time she travels not in the fantastic Wonderland, but in the Waterland named Ljubljana.

Alice moved out of the book and the movie screen onto floating objects in the centre of Ljubljana. During the hour-and-a-half story, her path laid through various acrobatic performances to the Queen of Hearts. On her way, she performed somersaults, jumped into the water, bravely fought with the knight, whom she managed to defeat in fencing.

Перший всесловенский акробатичний цирк на воді

Between the Novi Trg Square and the Gallus Waterfront, other characters performed exciting acrobatic stunts.

More than 100 people performed on rafts, boats, hovercrafts, elevators, and Russian carousel.

The free performance ended up with a real sell-out. The audience was in a hurry to occupy the best places and watch the first All-Slovenian Acrobatic Circus on Water, as the organizers called it. Theatrical performance with Alice starring inspired all spectators. Standing ovation became a worthy reward for all performers, who had been preparing for this event for several months. In addition to acrobats, the water feast also featured dancers, fire tamers, jugglers, and oarsmen.

Перший всесловенский акробатичний цирк

The members of the Sokol Bežigrad sports community and the Slovenia’s Falcons Sports Association prepared the acrobatic circus performance. Besides, such groups as F&B Acrobatics, Flipping Art, Čupakabra, Kreaktiv, Cirkokrog, Dunking Devils, ŠK Salto, etc. also participated in this project.

The “Life is Beautiful with Sports — Water for All” project is also related to the Alice in Waterland performance. “The “Water for All” project aims to promote active recreation among Slovenian citizens, in particular, on water,” the Secretary General of the Slovenia’s Falcons Sports Association, Dusan Gerlovich noted.

Those who missed the performance can see interesting photos and exciting videos of the events (