The First Round of Admission Officially Starts in Universities and Colleges of Slovenia

Оn 12 February the universities and colleges of Slovenia officially start accepting applications of entrants for the first round of admission.

We have already extensively described the importance of submitting documents for the first round. However, we recall that during this period of admission process, applicants enjoy the widest possible choice of study programmes. Accordingly, the chances of finding a study programme that fully corresponds to your desires and possibilities are the highest. In addition, those who submit an application in the first round have a large amount of time to get the necessary advice from our specialists, thoughtfully analyse the information received, choose a study programme without any fuss and then peacefully wait until 2TM managers prepare all documents necessary for admission. The result of this work is the guaranteed admission to an authoritative educational institution with all the ensuing consequences – a few years of fascinating student life, and then a competitive diploma that opens up employment opportunities in almost any country in the world.

It should be added that the first round of admission for a Bachelor’s degree study programme at the University of Ljubljana and the University of Maribor will take place from 12 February to 19 April, and at the University of Nova Gorica – from 12 February to 30 March. The dates of the first round of admission at the University of Primorska are slightly different. In this university, the admission starts on 18 February and runs until 24 May. The first round of admission in Slovenian colleges is much shorter – from 12 February to 18 March.

Our experts will inform you in details about all issues related to the process of entering universities and colleges in Slovenia. Please address your questions to us through a special form on our website.

We wish you good luck, dear applicants! In a good hour!