The First Round of Application Submission Is Launched in Slovenia

February has come. This means that the first round of application submission has started in the Slovenian educational institutions. Those who have already decided what study programme to choose have every chance to be admitted.


The first round is good because all the places at this time are still vacant. Every entrant has a chance to choose the desired study programme and educational institution.

During the first week of February, a workshop dedicated to the “Higher and Secondary Vocational Education in Sloveniaю Features of the Enrollment Campaign” was held in Kharkiv.

Schoolchildren and their parents attended the conference hall of the Hillel Computer School. Understanding the importance of European education, they listened attentively to the 2TM employees and asked questions. The majority of questions were standard. Where do the internships take place? Is it easy to study Slovenian? How to get to Slovenia? Besides, parents were interested in the possibility of obtaining an individual schedule for athletes and the opportunity to visit Slovenia during vacations to see universities and dormitories.

Such questions indicate that the attendees did not just come to have a cup of coffee with a cookie. They are ready to invest in the future of their children, in their perspectives and the opportunity to achieve the set goals.

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