The Fotopub Festival of Contemporary Photo Art Lasts Until 5 August

The event started at the beginning of the week in Novo Mesto. Photographers from 19 countries take part in the festival, including residents of Ukraine and Belarus. The festival brought many well-known art critics, curators, editors and gallery owners to Novo Mesto.

Specialists draw attention to modern photo art through exhibitions and evening talks. All guests of the festival will get acquainted with curatorial methods and approaches.

The festival programme will involve 10 exhibitions. 46 experts from 19 countries (Brazil, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, India, Italy, China, USA, etc.) will share their knowledge with the audience.

Works are exhibited in non-traditional exhibition spaces, in abandoned buildings within the city. Art installations and performances are scattered around the streets and houses in Novo Mesto. The current festival will occupy such places as Osnovna šola Grm, Mirana Yartza Library, LokalPatriot Club, Situla Hostel, apartments on the Main Square (Slovene: Glavni trg) and Rozmanova Street, a house on Bregu 1, premises on the Pugljeva Street, and the Pumpnca open-air library.

During the last two days, the festival will feature a book fair dedicated to photo art, a symposium and the Portfolio Review event. Every evening, after the exhibition events, all guests of the festival and residents of the city can enjoy a musical programme.

Free buses will shuttle between Ljubljana and Novo Mesto. Entrance to all open events of the festival is free.