The Fourth Fair of Young Wines Pubec 2018 Is Held in Maribor

On Monday, 5 November 2018, the fourth fair of young wines, Pubec 2018, was held in the Porsche Showroom at Ptuj cesta in Maribor. In total, 24 Styrian winemakers presented their products at the event. The fair was attended by the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Food – Aleksandra Pivec. The event is organized in order to promote the products of Styrian winemakers in the domestic market and enhance the culture of wine drinking.

Today, on 7 November 2018, a similar fair is held in Ljubljana in the Festivalna Dvorana hall. At both fairs, visitors are offered dry and semi-dry wines with a maximum sugar content of 12 g/L.

The Pubec 2018 project includes Vinogradništvo Cvitanič, Hiša vin Emino, Vina Falot, Kmetija Fleisinger, Vinogradništvo Frešer, Vino Greif, Vinarstvo Hafner, Vinogradi Horvat, Vino Jamnik, Vino Jarc, Puklavec Family Wines, Vina Joannes, Vino Kolar, Vino Kotolenko, Vinogradništvo Ivan Kramer, Vino Leber, the University of Maribor – the Faculty of Agriculture and Biosystem Sciences – Meranovo, Vinogradništvo Mulec, Vino Pungračič, Radgonske gorice, Rigo Vino, Steyer vina, Vina Toplak and Vino Valdhuber.

It should be noted that the Pubec 2018 project involves not only the wine fairs in the two largest cities of Slovenia. Its authors and participants plan to organise joint presentations in the country and abroad, develop new markets, improve the image of the wine-growing areas as well as the Styria Region as a whole.