The GEA College Invites to a Seminar on Combating the Financial Crisis

On Thursday, 12 September 2019, at 05:00 p.m., a seminar will be held at the GEA College (156, Dunaisk cesta, Ljubljana). The topic of the seminar – Are We in Danger of a Financial Crisis? How to Provide an Enterprise with Proper Financial and Corporate Security?

The seminar will be devoted to studying the strategic approach to corporate security and designing an information system in the field of corporate security for making decisions on the interaction of external and internal risk factors in business. Besides, during the event, the cyclical fluctuations of the economy and of an individual company will be considered based on actual data – cash flow analysis; the basics of SWOT analysis and practical examples of decision making with the help of SWOT analysis.

The seminar will be conducted by Janez Fabijan, Doctor of Economics. During the years of the deep crisis and economic recovery in Slovenia (2009–2015), Janez Fabijan served as the Deputy Director of the Bank of Slovenia, being mainly in charge of accounting and internal finance, statistics and information technology.

Applications for participation are accepted until 11 September 2019.

Registration for participation