The Government Allocates 1.5 Million Euros for School Meals in Slovenia

The Government of Slovenia has allocated 1.5 million euros for an additional free lunch to students of general education schools. It will consist of fruit, vegetables and dairy products.

The relevant decree was adopted during the government meeting on 24 May. The Government stresses that the products are intended for students of basic schools and educational upbringing centres, as well as children of school age with special needs.

Otrokom bodo poleg malice in kosila

The cost of fruit and vegetable aid is about 6 euros per one child in this academic year, and dairy products – about 4 euros per pupil. European foundations and (partly) the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food will provide funds for this programme.

The Government Decree also stipulates distribution of fruit, vegetables and milk to schoolchildren. Buying fruit, vegetables and dairy products related to a particular article of school expenses. As part of additional educational activities, students can also taste other organic farm products.

Each basic school striving to participate in this program must annually complete and submit an application by 1 December to the Agricultural Market and Rural Development Agency. The exception is only in the 2017/2018 academic year, when the application period for basic schools starts from the publication of the Government Decree and ends on 5 September. The application and the request form for reimbursement of expenses shall be filled in by each school through the Agricultural Market and Rural Development Agency’s information system and sent by e-mail or regular mail.