The Government Allocates 17 Million Euros for Infrastructure of the Savinja Statistical Region

As part of the official visit to the Savinja Statistical Region, the Prime Minister of Slovenia Miro Cerar notes that the process of modernization of the country’s road infrastructure (the “third axis of development” as it is named in official documents) continues. This year, construction works will start at the section between the highway and the town of Velenje.

During an offsite working session in Rogaška Slatina, Cerar noted that the Savinja Region had high economic development indicators, and in the near future, the situation in the labour market was likely to improve even more. According to the Prime Minister, in February 2017, the employment rate in the region was 11.2% higher than in the same period last year.

“The Third Axis of Development”: Beginning of Construction Works

The Minister of Infrastructure Peter Gašperšič stresses that the survey conducted by the Slovenia’s road operator (Dars) showed the feasibility of building a “third axis of development” as a 4-lane highway. The dynamics of construction will be determined in a 6-year operational project for investment in road infrastructure, which the Government will prepare in the next 3 months.

Peter Gašperšič states that this year, Dars will start repurchasing land plots and preparing project documentation for the sections of Šentrupert-Velenje and Velenje-Slovenj Gradec. Building permits should be received next year.

Modernization and development of infrastructure is one of the most important issues for the development of the region. To this end, in 2017 the Government will allocate 17 million euros. A similar amount will be provided for the next year. The Minister of Infrastructure notes that 18 sections of bicycle routes will be built on the territory of 31 municipalities of the Savinja Region. Besides, this year, a bridge over the Savinja River will be built in the settlement of Tremerje with pedestrian and bicycle lanes, as well as the main bicycle route between Celje and Laško.