The Government of Slovenia Approves the Construction of a New Railway Line Koper-Divača

This news exits after an extraordinary meeting of the government held in the last days of August. Thus, the changes were made to the Charter of 2TDK, the company-operator of the Koper-Divača railway line construction, and its capitalization was carried out for the amount of 20 million euros.

It is expected that another 180 million euros will be invested in 2TDK by the state before the end of this year. The pre-capitalization of the company will continue in the future, as the Government lead by Miro Cerar stated last year that the 2TDK company should have a capital of 1 billion euros.

The project, which was twice submitted for a referendum, was also supported by the candidate for the post of Minister of Infrastructure Alenka Bratušek during special hearings that took place in the relevant parliamentary committee on Thursday, 6 September 2018.